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Ladder Match 2015

The Ladder Matches is a set of summer matches available to students trying out for the Mount Si High School Men's Golf Team in 2015. Any player wishing to join must contact Brandon Proudfoot brandon@mtsigolf.com.

How Ladder Matches Work

A "ladder tournament" is a format where players try to improve their position, to "move up the ladder," by challenging higher-ranked players to matches.

Initial Seeding:
Players are ranked according to a seeding tournament at the beginning of the event. All late entries are placed into the current last spot. 

Only lower-ranked players can issue a challenge (No. 8 can challenge No. 7, but 7 can't challenge 8). If you are challenged you must except at least one challenge per week. If you decline all matches in a given week you forfeit the first challenge that was issued and automatically drop to the lower spot. For this event Monday to Sunday is 1 week. The lower-ranked golfer is limited to challenging the players who are one or two spots spots above them on the "ladder." You can accept as many challenges as you'd like and can issue as many challenges as you'd like in a given week. You can only have one outstanding challenge at any time.

Matches are 9 hole in length unless both players agree to 18 holes before either player tees off. All matches will be match play format (click here to learn about match play scoring). If the challenging player wins, he moves up the ladder, trading places with the golfer he beat. If the golfer who accepted the challenge wins, he maintains his position on the ladder.

Players will need to contact the players they wish to compete against directly to schedule matches. Phone numbers are listed next to the players name on the ladder. Matches can be held on any course that they mutually agree on with Mount Si being the default course.

Once a match is complete players must move their name on the player rankings ladder in the golf shop at Mount Si Golf Course and drop off the match scorecard in the golf shop. Scorecards should have both players hole by hole scores and signatures from both players to attest that the results are correct. Match results will be updated on this webpage a few times each week.

Schedule: The seeding tournament is on Monday, June 8th and the final day matches can be played is on Sunday, August 23rd. Results will be announced prior to tryouts on Monday, August 24th.

Raffle & Winner: Every time a player wins a match they will receive one raffle ticket for a drawing on Monday, August 24th. The player in 1st place at the end of the tournament will receive a prize of pro shop credit at Mount Si Golf Course that can be used for merchandise/golf equipment. Bonus raffle tickets may be awarded for additional events throughout the tournament.