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Fall Junior Golf League

The Mount Si High School Men's Golf Team is hosting a Fall Junior Golf League Starting Sunday, September 27th.

The league is set up to build interest in young golfers and as a fundraiser for the Men's Golf Team. 

The league is open to boys & girls ages 7 to 14. Players who join the league will attend a tryout & practice day on Sunday, Sept 27th. After the tryout kids will be assigned to a team with our goal of having equal skill levels for each team. Teams will be coached by a player on the 2015 Mount Si Men's Golf Team. All practice's and matches will be supervised by the Mount Si Golf Team Coach Brandon Proudfoot.

Matches are 9 hole team matches that will feature a different format each week. Coaches will determine pairing each week. 

The league will run for 7 weeks on Sundays at Mount Si Golf Course:
Sept 27th at 5:00pm - 6:30pm - Tryouts/Practice 
Oct 4th at 3:00pm - 4:30pm - Team Practice
Oct 11th - Match at 3:00pm 
Oct 18th - Match at 3:00pm
Oct 25th - Match at 3:00pm
Nov 1st - Match at 2:00pm
Nov 8th - Finals at 2:00pm

If you have questions please contact Brandon Proudfoot at brandon@mtsigolf.com

About Scoring: Each week features a different format. For season team ranking the team that wins each week will receive 4 ranking points. Second place will receive 3 ranking points. Third place will receive 2 ranking points and fourth place will receive 1 ranking point. If there are ties at a position then they will split the points for that position and the one below it. (Example: Two team tie for 1st place. They will split 7 points (4 for 1st & 3 for 2nd) and each team will receive 3.5 points) Teams are then placed according to their total ranking points.

Fall Season Results:
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